Inspiring Knowledge by delivering fact-based
Marketing Intelligence, Research and Consulting
Insights unique to your brand

Inspiring Knowledge by delivering fact based Marketing Intelligence, Research and Consulting insights unique to your Brand


iReach deliver actionable insights through market research, consultancy and intelligence services to help decision makers connect the many pieces of every Marketing, Brand, PR and Product puzzle in Ireland, UK and across European and International markets.

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iReach has built research communities and panels ensuring we survey consumers and business decision-makers in the most efficient and impactful way. We engage our members in fun and interactive ways to reduce survey fatigue and deliver robust and actionable insights to our clients. Specialist Panels include Youths, Mums, Foodies and Families. Watch the video for more information on our Consumer and Business Panels and our twice monthly Omnibus.


iReach support the widest range of research methods to deliver Insights to Impact. iReach follow industry best practices and are Corporate Members of ESOMAR and members of MRS (Market Research Society), AQR (Association of Qualitative Research) and AMA (American Marketing Association).

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iReach conducted customer innovation workshops in the UK. We got a lot of information out of these to help us plan our brand and proposition strategy in the UK and Ireland. In the future, new innovation workshop in additional POS regions including Paris and Geneva will be conducted, building upon the success of the UK and Ireland research

Market research and consumer insight is a cornerstone of the GroupM business and is crucial to the success we have enjoyed to date and to our future growth plans. We are delighted to have partnered up with iReach in this incredibly important area.

iReach have been a valuable partner for Sky’s business in Ireland. They have been great at really understanding our business problems and delivering actionable insights that have changed the business.

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