Fujitsu Ireland

Technology Transformation - Case Study

Project Background

This quantitative study sought to gain insights into both consumers and business leaders attitudes towards technology and the changes it is bringing to society and business in transforming Ireland into the future. This study required iReach to access both consumers and business leaders which was achieved through our proprietary research panels – used exclusively for iReach clients. The research project involved analysing technology and its impact based on three key factors – politics, economics and social attributes. This provided the client with a clear and concise breakdown of technology's current and future place in transforming Ireland.


In conducting the research for the business-to-business study, iReach used our business panel which is comprised of business leaders spread across various sectors, business sizes and regions in Ireland. Our business panel currently has over 9,000 members that are widely distributed across demographics. Similarly, the consumer research study involved the use of our consumer panel which is based on a nationally representative model in Ireland and has over 30,000 members. The use of these panels ensured accurate, efficient and high-quality data collection which was completed in under a one-week time period.


Having a 360 degree view of both Consumer and Business Leaders atttidudes and expectations of the impact of Technology on Ireland provieded a comprehensive platform to position Fujitsu as thought leaders in this space.