Eddie Rocket's

Case Study

Project Background

The purpose of the research was to inform overall brand perceptions, attitudes and associations, identify restaurant visiting occasions and habits, and the new menu concept (using eye tracking technology). The 3 groups included a group of young adults with no children (18-24 years), adults with no children (25-34 years) and a group of adults that have a child / children. These insights were fed back into the presentation and distilled down to produce insights and recommendations that the client could take clear action on within an agreed timeframe.


An Innovation Workshop was the research method used, where 3 mini groups of 5 each which rotate across 3 moderated pods. At the end a group discussion is had amongst the three separate groups with a 4th moderator engaging with everyone. Those who participated were handpicked and recruited to ensure that they will be highly engaging and meet the target audience and requirements of the client.

The Innovation Workshop explored 2 key topic areas and eye-tracking. The eye tracking device is powerful tool which enables us to see how the new menu compares to the old menu in terms of first impressions, menu layout, choice, and expectations.


The eye tracking device allowed us to create a Heat Map and Gaze Plot on each page of the menu to decipher the areas on the menu that was eye catching and the length of time people would look in one spot and analyse the pause time.