Domino's Site Intercept, Pre-Post Campaign

Case Study

Project Background

Domino's ran a campaign in August 2017 with the GAA and Pundit Arena. A pre-campaign and post campaign survey was run in order to measure brand awareness and brand association. This enabled Domino's to assess how effective their association with the GAA was amongst their target audience and assess the effect advertising online can have on that audience's impulse purchasing behaviour. The survey was placed on the GAA section of Pundit Arena (Sports website), allowing Domino's to reach their target audience instantly.


iReach ran integrated quantitative research to gain an insight into brand awareness amongst Domino's' target audience. The research was done using Site Intercept Technology, a tool that we can use on websites to increase the online conversion rate. This technology was simply embedded on the Pundit Arena sports site and was live for 2 weeks pre-campaign and again for the post campaign, which altogether generated a response rate of over 1,000 people. Throughout the study we monitored response rates and device usage to ensure traffic was coming from a multitude of devices. We reached all audiences that use the site to obtain real time live feedback on exposure to the brand and advertising and measure effectiveness.


Engaging with GAA fans directly after engaging with Content generated for and by Dominos allows the media planners and Pundit Arena (as the media owner) to maximise the impact of engagement with sports fans around the Dominos Brand.