PMO Medical Research

Case Study

Project Background

A Qualitative study about the treatment, prescription and use of Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis (PMO) in Ireland. PMO is a relatively common disease with symptoms that range from bones density loss to disabling fractures. This study aimed to understand medical professionals’ attitudes to the various methods of treatment for PMO. The challenge in this case was the recruitment of a diverse group of medical professionals. For this project iReach HQ recruited Focus Groups of medical specialists comprising of Consultants and Focus Groups of GP’s to take part in this global research project.


iReach HQ ran this Qualitative study on Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis covering Consultants and Medical Specialists that deal with PMO including GPs, Rheumatologists, Geriatricians, and Endocrinologists. We conducted intensive Focus Groups with four participants in each group which centred on the treatment procedure used by Specialists and GPs for PMO patients and also focused on discussing new treatments. Medical professionals are a hard-to-reach population. iReach HQ was able to overcome this recruitment challenge using our extensive panel of 30,000 individuals as well as through our professional network of medical contacts.


These experts were recruited by our team of recruiters that work within fast timeliness to deliver the high calibre medical professionals required for in-depth Qualitative Research