Vodafone Website Visitor Profiling and Usability

Project Background

iReach Insights has completed a website research project www.vodafone.ie that receives 3 million visitors per month. The objective was to understand what kind of information and functionality that would distinguish the Vodafone Ireland Website as best in class from those of key competitors – based on plans to add the additional functions to their website to improve the online customer engagement and also to enhance Vodafone online customer experience.


The Website Profiling project in 3 phases included an incentive based online survey of business and consumer mobile phone visitors to the website. A key deliverable from the first phase of this project was the development of a wish list of enhancements (content and features) as suggested by respondents. We used Open Text responses to capture suggested website improvements to make it as easy as possible for participants to respond, but also avoid setting any constraints or limits to suggestions or user recommendations.

Phase 2 included a representative survey of online users in Ireland to understand the requirements of mobile phone users across all providers and also to weights or rank suggested enhancements so as to prioritise potential website changes or additions. The final phases of this project included Qualitative Focus Groups across key Vodafone and non-Vodafone customer types and Business and Consumer segments to discuss the suggested and planned website enhancements.


An integrated 3 phased project using a mix of Quantitative and Qualitative methodologies to capture feedback from Vodafone website visitors, to identify potential website enhancements in terms of content and features. Further phases were designed to distil these suggestions and prioritise same based on user feedback and impact.