Case Study

Project Background

Kopparberg is a Swedish brewery and cider company active in international markets. For years they are tracking their main cohorts on their behaviour and consumption pattern. The cohorts which they mainly focus on are 18 to 34 year males and females. In order to track their behaviour and sentiments towards Kopparberg they commission iReach WorldWide on a yearly basis for an extensive tracking study. This is being done in both the Republic of Ireland as for Northern Ireland.


The extensive tracking study has in essence a Quantitative character, as statistical robust analysis is used to find out to which extent their product is placed in the mind of their audience, top of mind awareness, consumption behaviour in terms of frequency and purchase is measured through a representative sample size. Additionally, Kopparberg experiments with new flavours each year and by means of this tracking study, we also incorporate a NPD section in the study to find out the opinion of their target audience on these new flavours.


iReach WorldWide analytics scatter through the big data each year to explore trends and behavioural change represented in the findings and changes in year on year results are explained in a realistic fashion. As a result of this, analysis are made and translated in a commercially valuable advice. Kopparberg has been a happy client for over five years with the results and insights we have been able to supply them.