Pilsner Urquell Sampling

Case Study

Project Background

From March to May 2011 Richmond Marketing commissioned iReach HQ to perform SMS research on Pilsner Urquell sampling participants using iReach HQ’s new iPick mobile research service. The aim of the project was to measure the effectiveness of Richmond’s free samples of Pilsner Urquell, which were given out to pub-goers in Ireland, by finding out if the samples made a favourable impression and created an intention to purchase the product over a period of time after sampling had taken place.


Participants were asked to provide their mobile phone number and some basic personal details for the purposes of the study. In wave 1, respondents were sent an SMS 2 or 3 days after sampling had taken place asking how much of the product they consumed on the night of sampling, how much they enjoyed their free sample, and how likely they were to try Pilsner Urquell again in the future.

In wave 2, respondents were sent an SMS 4 weeks after sampling asking on how many occasions they had drunk Pilsner Urquell since the sampling night and how likely they were to drink it again in the future.


Results of the study were very positive and justified Pilsner Urquell's use of the free sampling. iReach Insights' innovative use of SMS based technology for sampling research was key to the success of this project.