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Carat Pulse Research

Case Study

Project Background

Carat is the world’s largest independent communications agency. They are also market leaders in digital media. Carat Pulse Research which is undertaken by iReach Insights is on-going Quantitative research. On behalf of Carat, iReach Insights conducted an online survey each month based on various media-related topics. The primary focus of this monthly research is consumer behaviour around media and the identification of trends in media engagement.


Carat Pulse Research was conducted by iReach Insights every month by using our proprietary panel of 30.000 Irish consumers. The research tool used in this on-going project is innovative in the use of rich-media surveys. These surveys have sample sizes of 1,000 each month in order to gain a representative view of media consumer behaviour in Ireland. Utilising our exclusive consumer panel to recruit for this research enables cost-effective, fast and accurate results.


These monthly trackers provide insights into consumer digital behaviour and engagement patterns with social media, to help Carat ‘Keep their finger on the pulse’ and play an important role in helping to inform Carat’s marketing strategy.